Why Choose Pipette Tips With Filters?

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The precision and accuracy of even the best calibrated pipettes can be wiped out if you choose the wrong tip type. Depending on the experiment you're doing, the wrong type of tip can also make your pipette a source of contamination, waste valuable samples or reagents, or even physically harm you in the form of repetitive stress injury (RSI). There are many different types of tips available on the market, and ConRem filter tips can be used with confidence.

ConRem filter tips

These tips contain a filter that protects the sample from use and protects the pipette from aerosol cross-contamination, which is especially important in DNA amplification and sequencing. Some tip manufacturers produce filter tips with filters composed of polyethylene and carboxymethyl cellulose that seal themselves when they come in contact with liquid. However, the cellulose in the self-sealing filter element can easily fall off and contaminate your samples, and may interfere with experiments such as PCR reactions. The filter element of ConRem 's filter tip is made of high molecular weight polyethylene and does not contain any polluting cellulose or other additives. The production environment of the 100,000-level dust-free workshop ensures that the pipette tip is not contaminated during the production and packaging process, and it is guaranteed to be free of RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen pollution. The filter element is strong and will not break and fall off, which can effectively prevent the passage of aerosols, but does not restrict the airflow. For critical DNA or PCR experiments, using ConRem filter tips is the best choice.


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Advantages of ConRem filter tips

  • Under the maximum range, there is still enough clearance between the sample and the filter element, which can effectively prevent the sample from contacting the filter element or contaminating the pipette, ensuring the safety of pipetting.
  • The filter element adopts a tortuous channel design, which can effectively block the backwash of aerosol and samples. The uniform filter element pore size does not change the pipetting resistance or affect the pipetting accuracy.
  • All filter tips are pre-sterilized to provide double care for the biological crystallization of the tips to ensure that the product does not contain any biological contamination.

The most important purpose of using filter pipettes is to prevent cross-contamination. During use of the pipette, there is a risk of back aspiration of liquid. Therefore, in the process of using the same pipette to transfer different samples or reagents, it is necessary to use a filter pipette tip to avoid cross-infection, which is also a point that must be paid attention to in the diagnosis of the new crown.

ConRem filter tips

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