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Suzhou Conrem Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd has been developing for more than ten years, adhering to the business philosophy of "customer-centric, market- oriented, quality-based". With independent research and development technology as the core, Suzhou Conrem focuses on the research and development, production and sales of IVD high-throughput automated consumables and genes sequencing consumables. We are a leading life science tool service providers in this industry.

Our main products consist of molecular diagnostics, cell culture and other high-quality consumables and related customized products, which are widely used in life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food safety and clinical medicine and other fields, serving 70% of the country's in vitro diagnostic listed companies and 80 % of well-known third-party testing institutions.

Suzhou Conrem focuses on innovation, leads the development of the biomedical consumables industry, and is committed to becoming a global well-known brand in vitro diagnostic industry.

Development history

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1. Suzhou Conrem was established.

2. Passed the ISO9100 and ISO13485.


1. Won the title of High-Tech Enterprise for the first time.

2. Signed cooperation agreements with many universities and research institutions.


1. Moved to a new factory, doubled the production capacity and perfected quality control system.

2. Reached strategic cooperation with Autobio,Maccura, Acon, etc.


1. More than 300 corporate customers.

2. Won the title of Excellent Supplier of BGI and Sansure.


1. Holding Suzhou Boxun Precision Mould.

2. Won the title of the Best Supplier of many listed companies and won a number of government

cooperative partner


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