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We focus on the design, manufacturing and sales of a wide variety of laboratory supplies.

Automated Pipette Tip

Automated Pipette Tip

Universal Pipette Tip

Universal Pipette Tip

Well Plate

Well Plate

PCR Consumables

PCR Consumables

Customized Product

Customized Product

Storage Series

Cell Culture Consumables

Automated pipetting tips

Low CV Accuracy, Low Retention

Pipette tip series are adapted to automated liquid handling and automated sample management, incl.Tecan, Hamilton, Agilent, Apricot Designs, implementing high throughput operation of biological samples.

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Automated Pipette Tip

Universal Pipette Tip

Low CV Accuracy, Low Retention

ConRem is equipped with high precision mold, consummate processing technology, to ensure pipette tip performance in liquid handling. Our universal pipette tips are adapted to Gilson, Eppendorf, Thermofisher and other multiple-brand pipettes.

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Well Plate Series

DNase/RNase free, Endotoxin free, Pyrogen free

These series can meet the demand of automated workstation and labs; specialize in nucleic acid extraction and preservation, implementing automated liquid handling high throughput operation of biological samples.

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PCR Series

DNase/RNase free, Endotoxin free, Pyrogen free

These series are applied in PCR, qPCR experiment. High precision mold design and maintenance, can ensure PCR products smooth and no liquid adhesion.

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customized product

High Transparency, Customized Design

We have industry leading mold, consumable development, design ability and first-rate injection molding processing technology , providing customers with customized products, R&D, manufacturing, meet customers' personalized and confidential demands.

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cell culture consumables

Gamma sterilized, DNase Free, RNase Free, Pyrogen Free

A series of vessels are intended to help mimicking the internal environment for cells in vitro, so that they can survive,multiply and maintain the stable structure and function, which maintain the good adherent growth under different culture conditions, improving the cell output.

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Third Party Testing Laboratory

We provide various kinds of products to the third-party laboratories. Common applications are hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, eugenics, genetic disease genes, cancer and other diseases detection.

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Medical Institution

Our IVD consumables are used in lots of medical institutions, running through the whole process of disease treatment, such as preliminary diagnosis, treatment scheme selection, treatment detection, prognosis and physical examination

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Scientific Research Institution

Many schools and scientific research institutions choose to use our products in clinical research, academic experiments, drug screening, new drug development, food safety, animal and plant gene detection, etc.

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Blood Bank

We have consumables used for blood screening, blood group identification and blood quality monitoring, which can be applied to TECAN, Star automatic sample distribution system, fame and bep-3 automatic enzyme-linked experiment post-processing system, automatic nucleic acid detection and processing system, etc.

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Superior Mold, Strict Quality Control


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Suzhou Cotaus Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Cotaus focuses on the automated consumables applied in the S&T service industry, based on proprietary technology, Cotaus can provide broad-line of sales, R&D, manufacturing, further customization services.Our main products are Automated Pipette Tip, PCR Plate/Tube, Well Plate, Cell Culture and other laboratory automation disposable plastic consumables.

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Con-Rem Monkeypox Virus DNA Realtime Fluorescence Qualitative (Probe) PCR Kit 2022-09-30

Con-Rem Monkeypox Virus DNA Realtime Fluorescence Qualitative (Probe) PCR Kit

Do you know what is Monkeypox Virus DNA Realtime Fluorescence Qualitative (Probe) PCR Kit ? As a professional supplier of medical reagents and consumables, Con-Rem has developed Monkeypox Virus DNA Realtime Fluorescence Qualitative (Probe) PCR Kit and obtained CE certification. We will take you through this product next.

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Con-Rem Star Pipette Tips for Hamilton Pipetting Workstations2022-07-08

Con-Rem Star Pipette Tips for Hamilton Pipetting Workstations

When the filter tip removes the sample, it prevents the sample from entering the inside of the pipette, so as to protect the parts of the pipette from contamination and corrosion, and at the same time, it can also ensure that there will be no cross-contamination between samples.

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Con-Rem Deep Well Plates for Multi-Channel Pipetting Workstations2022-06-13

Con-Rem Deep Well Plates for Multi-Channel Pipetting Workstations

Deep-well plate is one of the commonly used laboratory consumables, and is mostly used for long-term storage of various active agents, DNA/RNA detection, nucleic acid extraction, antibody titer inspection, etc. In recent years, due to the new crown epidemic, the demand for nucleic acid detection has skyrocketed. As one of the main consumables in the nucleic acid detection process, deep-well plates are widely used in various testing institutions and laboratories.

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