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Suzhou Cotaus Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Cotaus focuses on the automated consumables applied in the S&T service industry, based on proprietary technology, Cotaus can provide broad-line of sales, R&D, manufacturing, further customization services.Our main products are Automated Pipette Tip, PCR Plate/Tube, Well Plate, Cell Culture and other laboratory automation disposable plastic consumables.

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Third Party Testing Laboratory

We provide various kinds of products to the third-party laboratories. Common applications are hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, eugenics, genetic disease genes, cancer and other diseases detection.

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Medical Institution

Our IVD consumables are used in lots of medical institutions, running through the whole process of disease treatment, such as preliminary diagnosis, treatment scheme selection, treatment detection, prognosis and physical examination

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Scientific Research Institution

Many schools and scientific research institutions choose to use our products in clinical research, academic experiments, drug screening, new drug development, food safety, animal and plant gene detection, etc.

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Other Fields

Cotaus's products are widely used in blood screening, blood typing and blood quality monitoring, as well as in environmental science, food safety and other fields.

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Can pipette tips be reused?2024-06-03

Can pipette tips be reused?

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What is the right pipette tip for you?2024-06-03

What is the right pipette tip for you?

When shopping for pipette tips, it's easy to get lost in the variety of options, from bulk tips to boxed tips, micropipette tips to large-volume tips, matching equipment such as manual pipettes and a variety of automated robotic arms, and a range of tips to choose from for each application. To help you sort through the vast of pipette tips, we have compiled a basic list of pipette tips. While this is not a comprehensive list of all pipette tips on the market, it includes the most common pipette tips.

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Exhibition invitation-Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2024 in Bangkok2024-05-23

Exhibition invitation-Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2024 in Bangkok

Coaus hereby sincerely invite you and your representatives to visit our booth at National Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2024 in Bangkok from July 10-12, 2024.

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