In a broad sense, in vitro diagnosis (IVD) refers to the qualitative or quantitative detection of human samples (blood, body fluid, tissue), which is used to assist in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, prognosis and health management. In a narrow sense, it refers to in vitro diagnostic products and in vitro diagnostic services. The former includes instruments, reagents and consumables. Suzhou Conrem is a professional overall solution provider of IVD consumables.

Medical Institution

Third Party Testing Laboratory

Scientific Research Institution

Blood Bank

Medical institution

Our IVD consumables are used in lots of medical institutions, running through the whole process of disease treatment, such as preliminary diagnosis, treatment scheme selection, treatment detection, prognosis and physical examination. Main customers include: China National Gene Bank, Beijing 301 Hospital, Taicang First People's Hospita, Children's Hospital of Shanghai, etc.

Third party testing laboratory

We provide various kinds of products to the third-party laboratories. Common applications are hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, eugenics, genetic disease genes, cancer and other diseases detection. Main customers include: Dian Diagnostics, Annoroad, ACON, ADICON, etc.

Scientific research institution

Many schools and scientific research institutions choose to use our products in clinical research, academic experiments, drug screening, new drug development, food safety, animal and plant gene detection, etc. Main customers include: China Agricultural University, Soochow University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc.

Blood bank

We have consumables used for blood screening, blood group identification and blood quality monitoring, which can be applied to TECAN, Star automatic sample distribution system, fame and bep-3 automatic enzyme-linked experiment post-processing system, automatic nucleic acid detection and processing system, etc. Main customers include: Shanghai Blood Center, Jiangsu Blood Center, Gansu Blood Center, Sichuan Blood Center, Hefei Blood Center, etc.


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