Conrem Rsp Pipette Tips For Tecan Workstations

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Pipette tips suitable for TECAN workstations can be divided into two categories: TECAN clear/transparent filter tips and TECAN conductive/conductive filter tips. ConRem is a professional manufacturer of IVD consumables. ConRem RSP pipette tips can be used on the TECAN workstation platform. All products are made of PP (polypropylene) in a 100,000-class clean workshop, and have undergone strict inspection and careful evaluation. , to ensure no pyrogen, no endotoxin, no DNase, no RNase. And in order to achieve excellent liquid handling results, and through strict quality control procedures to ensure excellent verticality and reduced coefficient of variation.

Pipette tips

Classification of ConRem RSP Conductive Pipette Tips:

Conductive tips can be divided into conductive filter pipette tips and conductive tips without filter. Conductive filter pipette tips are commonly used to prevent pipette contamination and prevent sample cross-contamination. There is no need for domestic pipetting to prevent contamination. Ordinary conductive tips without filter elements can also be used.

RSP Conductive Pipette Tips

Advantages of ConRem RSP Conductive Pipette Tips:

1. Electron beam aseptic: safe and fast, no chemical residue;

2. Good air tightness and strong adaptability: The structure is tested according to the automatic liquid handling workstation, and the mature casting process ensures the good air tightness and compatibility of the product, and improves the mechanical precision of the product in work.

3. As a professional manufacturer of conductive tips, ConRem will add a lot of numbers to each shelf to ensure the traceability and uniformity of product conductivity, improve the accuracy of experimental results, and greatly reduce the number of single products. deviation between;

4. Smooth inner surface: The unique process ensures that the inner surface of the suction head is smooth, greatly reducing the retention area of the liquid surface;

5. Excellent hydrophobicity: The porous structure of the filter inside the conductive tip ensures the best performance. In addition, the conductive tip has superior road water performance. It forms a robust screen for aerosols, eliminating the risk of sample contamination.

Applications for ConRem RSP Conductive Pipette Tips:

Conductive tips are mainly used in clinical testing, protein, gene, immune testing, pharmaceutical, life science research, animal and plant inspection, quarantine research, etc.

Con-Rem is a professional manufacturer and supplier of laboratory consumables, offering a wide range of pipette tips. Our conductive tips are sold all over the world. Every pipette tip meets the specifications of the pipette manufacturer. If you have any needs, please let us know in time, we will be happy to help you.


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