ConRem’s Guide of Deep-Well Plate

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Do yo know what is a deep-well plate? You may never have heard of it. As a professional IVD consumables supplier, we are glad to explain the definition, features, types and applications of deep-well plate as follows.


What is a deep-well plate?

On the basis of the appearance size of ordinary microplates (mainly 96 and 384 well plates), while keeping the length and width in line with SBS international standards, the depth of the wells is increased to achieve the purpose of increasing the volume of each well. And in order to adapt to its specific scope of use, on the one hand, by changing the manufacturing materials (now multi-purpose polypropylene (PP), individual polystyrene (PS)), on the other hand, by improving the surface treatment process, a type of experiment plates is made.


The deep-well plate is made of medical grade polypropylene, conforms to SBS international standards, has high chemical stability, can be sterilized at high temperature, and is suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automated equipments. It is suitable for biological fields, such as PCR, RIA, EIA and cell culture, DNA detection; suitable for nucleic acid extraction experiments; suitable for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory solutions.


Product features of deep-well plate

  • Using medical grade PP material, which has excellent flatness and ensures the sealing performance of the heat-sealing film;
  • The product is free of DNase, RNase, and no heat source;
  • With good transparency, the numbers on the board are clear and easy to operate;
  • Little wall hanging phenomenon and no residue;
  • Sterilized by high temperature (121℃, 20 minutes);
  • Suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automated equipment, meeting the needs of fully automated workstations and laboratories;


Types of deep-well plates

1. According to the number of wells, the more common ones can be divided into 96-well and 384-well plates.

2. Classified according to well types, 96-well plates can be divided into round well type and square well type, of which all 384 well plates are square well type.

3. According to the shape of the hole bottom, there are mainly two types: U-shaped and V-shaped.


Square and round holes

deep-well platedeep-well plate

U-shaped bottom and V-shaped bottom

deep-well platedeep-well plate

Application of deep-well plate

1. Store samples:

It can replace the conventional 1.5ml centrifuge tube to store samples, and it is placed neatly during storage, saving space, large storage capacity, and can withstand -80 ℃ refrigerator. Therefore, it is also called a storage block.

2. Processing samples:

It can be combined with ejection guns, high-throughput automatic liquid manipulation instruments and software to achieve high-throughput operations on biological samples, such as protein precipitation and liquid extraction, which greatly improves the efficiency of sample processing. PP material can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization at 121℃.

3. Sampling operation:

Commonly used in various autosamplers, it can be directly placed in the sample compartment of the autosampler for injection. Compared with the traditional sample injection vial, it can not only double the number of samples in the sample compartment, but also realize that the sample is directly injected after processing on the 96-well plate, eliminating the need for tedious work such as sucking samples back and forth, placing samples, capping, inserting inserts, and washing bottles.


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