What Is A 96 Well Plate?

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The 96 well plate is one type of ELISA PLATE, is a key role in the Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA). It's involved in the immunological reaction, such as: antibody or antigen coating, buffer block, etc.


What are the characteristics of 96-well deep-well plates?

1. The deep-well plate is made of polymer material polypropylene, which has good chemical compatibility and can be used for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory liquids.

2. It has good chemical compatibility.

3. The whole board has no bubbles, no streaks, and no leakage.

4. The mechanical strength is large, and the bonding part is firm.

5. Gamma ray sterilization and non-sterilization are optional.

96-well deep-well plates

Types Of 96 Well Plates

According to the microplate reader, it is divided into detachable and non-detachable.

Non-Detachable 96 well plate

For the non-detachable, the well strips on a whole board are connected together.

Detachable 96 well plate

Then the detachable is that the well strips on the board are separated, and the separated strips are 8 wells or 12 wells per strip.

Generally, detachable microplates are commonly used. Although all well plats has the same apperance, but different brands have their own technical difference, such as structure, protein adsorption performance, etc.


96 well PCR plates application scope

These PCR plates offers wide assortment to keep you responsible for your conventions of PCR and qPCR. You can handle all your PCR undertakings with genuine serenity feelings realizing that this organization has your back. These plates would be perfect for different use cases incorporating.

  • Population wide change investigation measures.
  • Standard PCR with extensive example volumes for identification and routine intensification of DNA sections for sequencing.
  • High throughput quality articulation thinks about requiring precise, continuous PCR items recognition with qPCR.
  • Regulatory nourishment tests approval for checking legitimacy.
  • Analysis of nourishment tests for identifying corruption or defilement.
  • DNA amplicons quantification in paternity testing and other criminological applications.


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