You’re invited to the 20th edition of CACLP

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Suzhou Cotaus Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd is inviting you to participate the 20th edition of CACLP.

The 20th edition of CACLP will be held at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center on 28-30 May 2023. We wiill wait for you at B4-2912.

The 20th edition of CACLP will focus on how brand companies help boost the development of IVD industry globally. New technology and innovative ideas will also take centre stage at the show to provide the highest-quality business platform for the entire industry.

Debuted in 1991, CACLP, the China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo, is well established as one of the largest exhibitions in the in vitro diagnostic industry worldwide. CISCE, China IVD Supply Chain Expo, successfully launched in 2021, further expand the product sectors from upstream to downstream. The great number of high-level academic and educational programs taking place concurrently onsite and year-round promotional solutions make CACLP one of the most important platforms for global IVD players.

As an industry-leading medical consumables supplier, Cotaus will present its new products at this exposition, centrifuge tube, cryogenic vial, cell culture products, sealing film, etc. Welcome to visit our booth and to get detailed information!


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