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What is PCR Plate?

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Do you know what is PCR and what is PCR plate? As a professional medical consumable supplier, we will take you to understand the explanation of these professional terms.


What is PCR?


PCR: PCR (polymerase chain reaction) uses DNA to become single-stranded when it is denatured at a high temperature of 95°C in vitro. At low temperatures (usually around 60°C), the primers and single-strands are combined according to the principle of complementary base pairing. Then adjust the temperature to the optimal reaction temperature for DNA polymerase (about 72°C), and the DNA polymerase will synthesize complementary strands along the direction from phosphoric acid to five carbon sugars (5°-3°). The PCR machine based on polymerase is actually a temperature control device, which can well control the denaturation temperature, renaturation temperature, and elongation temperature.

PCR plate

What is PCR plate?


PCR plate: In Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), it is mainly used as a carrier for primers involved in the amplification reaction, Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP, template nucleic acid, Mg, buffer, etc.

Its own material is mainly polypropylene (PP) nowadays, which can better adapt to repeated high and low temperature settings in the PCR reaction process, and can achieve high temperature and high pressure sterilization. In order to achieve high-throughput operation in conjunction with a row gun, PCR machine, etc., 96-well or 384-well PCR plates are more commonly used. The plate shape conforms to the SBS international standard, and in order to adapt to the PCR machines of different manufacturers, according to the skirt design, it can be divided into four design modes: no skirt, half skirt, raised skirt and full skirt.

The colors are transparent and white, among which white is more suitable for the new type of real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR.

The use of PCR is widely used in genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine and other fields. It is not only used in basic research such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but can also be used for disease diagnosis or any place with DNA and RNA. It is an experiment disposable consumables.


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