The Best And Proper Way To Label PCR Plates And PCR Tubes

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The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a methodology that is widely used by biomedical researchers, forensic scientist and professionals of medical laboratories.

Enumerating a few of its applications, it is used for genotyping, sequencing, cloning, and analysis of gene expression.

However, labeling PCR tubes is difficult because they are small and have tiny space for storing information.

Whereas, skirted quantitative PCR (qPCR) plates can only be labelled on one side

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The Whole Package

The patent-pending PCR-Tag Trax is the most recent and best option for labelling high-profile PCR tubes, strips, and qPCR plats

The non-adhesive tag’s adaptable design enables it to identify 0.2 ml high profile PCR tubes and non-skirted qPCR plates in various configurations.

The main benefit of PCR-Tag Trax is its ability to provide an optimal amount of space for printing or, if necessary, handwriting.

Using a thermal transfer printer, the tags can be printed with serialized numbering as well as 1D or 2D barcodes and can withstand temperatures as low as -196°C and as high as +150°C.

This makes them harmonious with most thermo cyclers. It is a good idea to test a sample of tags in your own thermo cyclers to ensure that they don’t interfere with the reactions.

They must be glove-friendly, provide a rapid bird’s eye view of the information written on tags once the thermo cyclers is opened.

PCR tubes may come in variety of color or a multi-color format for easy color labelling.

The adhesive-free tags can also be used as a support for your tubes, making it simple to pipette reagents into them and store them in the fridge or freezer after the reaction

PCR tube

PCR Tubes, 0.2mL

Individual PCR tubes can be labeled on two different surfaces: the tubes and its cap.

For easy color coding, side labels for tiny PCR tubes are available in a number of colors for both laser and thermal-transfer printers.

More information can be printed on these PCR tube labels than can be written by hand, and barcodes can be used to improve traceability.

The labels are safe and can be stored in lab freezers for length periods of time.

Round dot labels are the best choice for labeling PCR tube tops.

Dot labels, on the other hand, have limited amount of area on the tube to print or write information. Therefore making them one of the least efficient PCR tubes labelling options.

If you must use dot labels for PCR tubes and will be labeling a large number of them, the pikaTAGTM.

The pikaTAGTM is an application device that picks up dot labels directly from their   liner and attaches them to the tops of the tubes.

It boasts an ergonomic pen-like form that makes dot labeling quick and simple, removing the time-consuming job of picking small labels and the prevention of stress injuries caused by tube labeling.

Strips For PCR Tubes

PCR strips are often used in labs that execute a lot of PCR and qPCR procedures.

Labelling these strips is even more challenging than labelling individual tubes because each tube is connected to the next, thereby diminishing the already restricted identification area.

Fortunately, 8-tube label strips conform to each tube, making PCR strip labelling a breeze.

These strips invented by GA international, have perforations between each label in the roll, allowing you to print as many labels as there are tubes.

Place the entire label strip next to the tube’s side, attach all labels at the same time, and then break the perforations to keep the labels firmly attached to the side.

At a temperature range of -80°C to +100°C, these thermal-transfer printable labels are safe to use in thermo cyclers and may be safely stored in laboratory freezers.

The Traditional Approach

Handwriting is the most common method of identifying PCR tubes, although it’s far from ideal because writing legibly on PCR tubes is practically impossible.

Handwriting also eliminates serialization and barcodes, making it more difficult to trace your samples.

If handwriting is the only choice for your lab, fine-tip cryo markers are worth investing in since it allows you to write legibly as possible without fading or blurring.

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