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Cotaus cryogenic vials are designed to store your samples. As an essential medical consumable in the laboratory, cotaus cryogenic vials are available in many specification.

●Cotaus cryogenic vials features
- Cotaus cryogenic vials are made of high quality raw material polypropylene (PP).
- The tube caps are with internal/external screw caps and rubber gaskets for a secure seal.
- There are digital scale markings for precise volume measurements. All vials are gamma sterilized.
●Cotaus cryogenic vials information
Material:Clear polypropylene (PP)
Production Environment:100000-class dust-free workshop
Detailed Classification: Internally threaded cryogenic vials / Externally threaded cryogenic vials
Proven Quality: Free of DNA enzymes, RNA enzymes and pyrogen
Principal market:China Domestic, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, etc.
System certification:ISO13485, CE, FDA
Applicatio: Biomedical

With industry-leading mold, R&D and design capabilities for consumable and excellent 
injection molding processing technology, Cotaus provides customization services of product development and production for customers to meet their personalized and confidential needs. Welcome to consult and negotiate!



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