Exhibition Invitation-June 28~30, 2023 CEIVD in Shanghai

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June 26, 2023 

at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition&Convention Center

Cotaus Biomedical
Booth:Hall 2,TA062

Welcome to visit us!

China International Examination Medical and IVD Exhibition is one of the exhibitions with professional characteristics and strength in China, focusing on the display of production, research and development products, and also an important platform for industry players to strengthen friendship, sales and product inquiries.
The products on display include: IVD reagents, analytical instruments, auxiliary equipment and consumables, precision medicine, reagents and raw materials, etc.

Cotaus Biomedical was established in 2 0 1 0. We focus on the high-throughput automated consumables applied in the science and technology service industry. Powerful products such as pipette tips, PCR plates, PCR tubes ,microplates, centrifuge tubes, reservoirs, filter vials, cell culture products ,etc. Products cover pipetting, nucleic acid, protein, cell, chromatography, storage, etc.

Cotaus will bring star products and new products to the show.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai!


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