Excellent Pipette Tips for Hamilton Robotics

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Hamilton Robotics, from Switzerland, has many series of sample pre-processing automation liquid handler equipment. The most popular model is Microlab STAR, which is used in blood stations, public security systems, etc.
Automated liquid handler may have pipetting problems, contamination problems, and even experimental failure due to poor quality of pipette tips. With low adsorption, good verticality and sealing, proper loading and ejection force, DNase/RNase and pyrogen free, Cotaus®pipette tips are the best choice to match automated pipetting workstation.


✔ High Quality Raw Materials
Low quality tips are made of impure raw materials and run the risk of having precipitates. In Cotaus, the quality of raw materials is strictly controlled to ensure the experimental results unaffected.
In order to improve the performance of the product, Cotaus imports high quality polypropylene, takes into consideration customer demands and develops and upgrades the materials independently.


For example: 300μl Extended Length Conductive Pipette Tip for Hamilton, the polypropylene used not only ensure concentricity and perpendicularity of the tip with low internal stress, but also meeting the requirements of conductivity and toughness.

✔ Accuracy and Precision
The high sensitivity of many molecular biology assays highly depends on pipetting accuracy.For example, in DNA and protein analysis methods, reagents often contain detergents, so there is a need to minimize sample residue and improve pipetting accuracy.
Cotaus®automated pipette tips are airtight and fit perfectly in the pipette channel, locking every drop of transferring solution and ensuring that the instructions given by the workstation are executed perfectly.


✔ Stable Performance
Pipette tips used in automated workstations require a high level of precision and continuity.

We have been working with automated consumables for over 13 years, and automated pipette tips are our specialty.


Product Performance

Product Name Concentricity CV%
50μl Transparent Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤0.5mm  ≤4%
50μl Conductive Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤0.5mm  ≤4%
300μl Transparent Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤0.5mm   ≤0.75%
300μl Conductive Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤0.5mm  ≤0.75%
300μl (Extended Length) Conductive Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤0.8mm  ≤1%
1000μl Transparent Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤1.0mm  ≤0.75%
1000μl Conductive Pipette Tip for Hamilton ≤1.0mm  ≤0.75%


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In the use of pipetting workstations, in addition to the device, the pipette tip is also an important part affecting the accuracy of pipetting. But it is often ignored easily.

In the scientific service industry, Cotaus has found his own path of development. Based on quality, Cotaus always puts customers first, and then improves their products and service.


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