Cotaus in 2023 Molecular POCT

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Cotaus Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd participated at the 1th Molecular POCT Product Development Solutions Seminar held in Suzhou International Conference Hotel.

More than 600 industry colleagues, entrepreneurs and sponsor gathered to discuss the hot spots of technological innovation in molecular POCT product development.

·What’s POCT
POCT, immediate test, is a new method to analyze immediately at the sampling site and quickly obtain test results, which eliminates the need for complex processing of specimens in the laboratory test. Compared to traditional testing, POCT is faster and more convenient.

·POCT and traditional nuclear acid testing
Because of Covid, everyone is familiar with nucleic acid testing. The nucleic acid testing requires a high level of qualification for the operator who have to attend training and examination to get a PCR certificate before they eventually start working.

Since with molecular POCT products, the entire process of nucleic acid testing is fully automated, so there is much less qualification requirements for operators. They can master it after a short and quick training. This helps solve the problem of high demand for testing personnel.

·Cotaus provides nuclear acid testing supplies
Cotaus provides pipette tips, Deep well plates, PCR plates, PCR tubes for nucleic acid testing using.
Automated pipette tips are compatible with a variety of automated pipetting workstations and automated sampling systems. They are used to distribute and transfer liquids to help complete high-throughput operation of biological samples. Universal pipette tips are made with high precision molds. With excellent processing technology and good pipetting performance, they are adapted to major brands such as DragonLab, Gilson, Eppendorf, Thermofisher, etc.

·POCT in China
In China, the molecular POCT field is currently only just emerging. The market needs firstly a mature product platform and secondly a large enough number of testing program to get clinical test terminals to accept and adapt. We believe that in the near future, the molecular POCT products will become a trend in China.And Cotaus follows the pace of development to provide the best adaptable consumables.


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