Why use filtered pipette tips in pipetting?

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In daily laboratory work, pipette tips are an indispensable tool, and their selection is directly related to the accuracy and safety of the experiment. Although ordinary pipetting tips can meet basic pipetting needs, they often encounter problems when faced with high-purity samples, toxic and harmful substances, or viscous liquids. At this time, a pipette tip with a filter element can solve this problem.
Compared with ordinary pipetting tips, the biggest advantage of filtered pipetting tips is its unique filter design. This seemingly small change brought revolutionary improvements to the experiment. The filter element can effectively block impurities, microorganisms and bubbles, ensuring the purity and accuracy of pipetting. Whether it is DNA/RNA purification in molecular biology experiments or precise measurement in chemical analysis, pipette tips with filter elements can provide you with reliable protection.

In addition, filtered pipette tips can effectively protect the safety of experimenters. When handling toxic or harmful substances, the filter element can reduce the spread of harmful substances and reduce potential harm to experimental personnel. At the same time, the filter element can also prevent liquid from entering the pipette cavity, extending the service life of the pipette and reducing laboratory operating costs.

Of course, filtered pipetting tips are not a panacea, and they also have their scope and limitations. When choosing to use it, we need to make comprehensive considerations based on the specific needs of the experiment.
In this highly competitive market, it is crucial to choose a high-quality filter pipette tip product. Conron filtered pipette tips not only have excellent performance, but also focus on user experience and environmental protection concepts. Through careful design and strict quality control, we ensure that each tip can bring excellent performance and reliability to the laboratory.


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