Sansure Biotech awarded Conrem Biomedical

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In the beginning of 2021, at the "Excellent Supplier Annual Summary and Commendation Conference" held by Sansure Biotech, Sansure Biotech awarded Suzhou Conrem Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. with the "2020 Excellent Supplier" award.

Relying on its strong strength, Conrem Biomedical is committed to providing customers with good products and convenient services. It has been praised by customers and maintained good cooperation. It has been recognized by a large number of well-known domestic blood centers, hospitals and universities.

Winning the "Excellent Supplier of 2020" award from Sansure Biotech this time is an affirmation and encouragement of Conrem Biomedical's high-quality products and services. In the process of cooperation, Conrem Biomedical Research and Development Center, Marketing Department, Production Department and other departments cooperated with each other, actively communicated, through in-depth problem solving, service-oriented, and won the recognition of customers in terms of product quality and service.

Conrem Biomedical will take this as an opportunity to continuously increase investment in professional R&D, continuously improve efficiency, continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of “quality first”, and provide customers with better products and services. The entire group is committed to helping customers. Improve product value, actively practice corporate social responsibility, and solve social problems

Suzhou ConRem Biomedical Technology Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of biotechnology and IVD consumables. Products and services cover life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, diagnostic reagents, biochemical reagents, chemical analysis, laboratory consumables and other fields.


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