Cotaus attended BIO CHINA International Convention (EBC) 2024 Annual Meeting

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Booth Number:E037
Date:March 14-16 ,2024
Exhibition Center: Suzhou lnternationa Expo Center,china 


You are sincerely invited to attend the 2024 BIO CHINA International Convention (EBC). As an excellent supplier of biomedical consumables, Cotaus is deeply honored to discuss the future of the bioindustry with you on this global platform.

The theme of this conference will cover the latest advances in biotechnology, innovation in industrial applications, and insights into market trends. We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity to gather wisdom, inspire inspiration and expand cooperation. Kangrong Biotechnology will showcase its latest research and development results, including high-quality Cryogenic Vials, Centrifuge Tubes that can withstand 20,000rpm for 20 minutes, etc.

During the exhibition, our booth number E037 will be your window to learn about Cotaus. We look forward to your visit, sharing your insights with us and exploring possible collaboration opportunities. We believe that through our joint efforts, we can promote continued innovation and development in the bioindustry.

Please be sure to reserve time in your schedule to gather with us at 2024 BIO CHINA. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition and creating a better future together.


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