Con-Rem Star Pipette Tips for Hamilton Pipetting Workstations

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Con-Rem Star pipette tips have been carefully designed and expertly validated for use with Hamilton pipette workstations. We use medical-grade polypropylene raw materials and a 100,000-grade dust-free standard purification production workshop. The products are free of DNase/RNase and pyrogen. Ensure reliable liquid handling and accurate experimental results. During the product production process, we use fully automated intelligent production equipment, the most advanced production technology, integrated quality control procedures and high-quality raw materials to ensure reliable liquid handling capabilities and accurate experimental results. Con-Rem Star pipette tips can be used in genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, immunoassays, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical R&D requiring high throughput pipetting and other commonly used applications. Our products are perfectly adapted to Hamilton pipetting workstations.

Con-Rem Star pipette tips are mainly divided into conductive pipette tips / conductive tape filter pipette tips / transparent pipette tips / transparent tape filter pipette tips. Filtered tips are often used to prevent pipette contamination and prevent sample cross-contamination. When the filter tip removes the sample, it prevents the sample from entering the inside of the pipette, so as to protect the parts of the pipette from contamination and corrosion, and at the same time, it can also ensure that there will be no cross-contamination between samples.

Star pipette tips

Con-Rem Star pipette tips Product Features

1. High-quality raw materials, transparent imported polypropylene (PP) material;

2. No DNase, RNase, no pyrogen;

3. High transparency, smooth surface, no liquid hanging;

4. Good temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature and high pressure

5. Good verticality and air tightness, strong adaptability;

6. High-quality filter element, high molecular weight polyethylene (PE), super hydrophobicity;

7. Good sealing to prevent cross infection;

8. Ensure the accuracy and precision of the pipetting process and ensure the consistency of the experimental results;

9. Independent identification, each package has an independent item number identification, which is convenient for tracking and traceability.

Star pipette tips 

Con-Rem is a professional manufacturer and supplier of laboratory consumables, offering a wide range of pipette tips. Our conductive tips are sold all over the world. Every pipette tip meets the specifications of the pipette manufacturer. If you have any needs, please let us know in time, we will be happy to help you.


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