24 Well Magnetic Extraction Plate / Magnetic Rod Cover

24-well plate is a kind of cell culture plate, mainly because its number of wells is 24, similarly there are 12-well, 24-well, 48-well, 96-well, 384-well, etc.

24 Magnetic Plate is designed to simplify the manual processing of magnetic bead separations for nucleic acid purification and clean up. The use of magnetic separation devices is essential in any paramagnetic bead-based DNA and RNA purification process. Traditionally, magnetic separation devices are not optimized for manual use and most require electrically powered liquid handling systems. ConRem offers a set of magnetic separation devices equipped 24 Well Magnetic Extraction Plate / Magnetic Rod Cover.

Advantage of 24 Well Magnetic Plate / Magnetic Rod Cover

  • Selection of medical grade PP material with excellent flatness and high transparency.
  • Products without DNA enzyme, RNA enzyme, no heat source.
  • Less wall hanging phenomenon, no residue.
  • Excellent sealing, smooth opening effect.
  • Can be applied to high-throughput screening, nucleic acid extraction, DNA extraction, serial dilution, etc., suitable for use in automated workstations, nucleic acid extraction instruments.

Service of ConRem 24 Well Magnetic Extraction Plate / Magnetic Rod Cover

  • The 24 Well Magnetic Plate meet the production standard ISO13485, CE, SGS
  • Offer 1~5 pieces of 24 Well Magnetic Plate free samples
  • The 24 well plate template are sealed by self-adhesive, sealing film, silicone cover
  • The environment for the production of 24 well plate template is a class 100,000 cleanroom
  • All samples of the 24 well plate templates are transparent in color and V-shaped bottom.


Applied to automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, magnetic bead purification system, nucleic acid protein purification instrument, as well as bacterial culture, sample storage, sample processing, etc.;

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